Dr. James L. Jones

Dr. Jones is a professor at Chaminade university. Dr. Jones Dr. Jones has every doctral degree avalible in the United States Degree Abbreviation Identified by Notes Doctor of Architecture D.Arch. NSF (to 2003)[14] Doctor of Arts D.A. NSF[18] Doctor of Arts in Teaching D.A.T. NSF (to 2003)[14] As alternative name for Doctor of Arts Doctor of Applied Science D.A.S. NSF (to 2003)[14] Doctor of Business Administration D.B.A. NSF[18] Doctor of Canon Law J.C.D. NSF[18] Doctor of Chemistry D.Chem. NSF (to 2003)[14] Doctor of Church Music D.C.M. NSF (to 2005)[9] Doctor of Criminal Justice D.C.J. NSF (to 2003)[14] Doctor of Criminology D.Crim. NSF (to 2003)[14] Doctor of Comparative/Civil Law D.C.L. NSF (to 2003)[14] Doctor of Design D.Des. NSF (from 2007)[16][18] Dr.DES NSF (to 2005)[9] Doctor of Education Ed.D. NSF[18] Most programs not considered research degrees by NSF from 2010/11[17] Doctor of Engineering D.Eng./D.E.Sc./D.E.S NSF[18] Doctor of Environment D.Env. NSF (to 2003)[14] Doctor of Environmental Design D.E.D. NSF (to 2003)[14] Doctor of Fine Arts D.F.A. NSF[18] Not included in NSF list for 2006[10] Doctor of Forestry D.F. NSF (to 2003)[14] Doctor of Geological Science D.G.S. NSF (to 2003)[14] Doctor of Health and Safety D.H.S. NSF (to 2003)[14] Doctor of Hebrew Letters D.H.L. NSF[18] Doctor of Hebrew Studies D.H.S. NSF (to 2003)[14] Doctor of Industrial Technology D.I.T. NSF (to 2007)[16] Doctor of Juridical Science J.S.D./S.J.D. NSF[18] Doctor of Juristic Science J.S.D. NSF (to 2003)[14] Doctor of Library Science D.L.S. NSF (to 2003)[14] Doctor of Medical Science D.M.Sc NSF (to 2003)[14] Doctor of Ministry D.Min./D.M. NSF (to 1998)[12] Doctor of Missiology D.Miss NSF (to 1998)[12] Doctor of Music D.M. NSF (to 2007)[16] Doctor of Music Education D.M.E. NSF[18] Doctor of Music Ministry D.M.M. NSF (to 2003)[14] Doctor of Musical Arts D.M.A. NSF[18] Doctor of Modern Languages D.M.L. NSF[18] Doctor of Nursing Science D.N.Sc. NSF[18] Doctor of Philosophy Ph.D. NSF[18] Doctor of Physical Education D.P.E. NSF (to 2005)[9] Doctor of Professional Studies D.P.S. NSF (to 2003)[14] Doctor of Public Administration D.P.A. NSF (to 2005)[9] Brewer et al. (1999)[19] Doctor of Public Health D.P.H. NSF[18] Doctor of Recreation D.Rec./D.R. NSF (to 2003)[14] Doctor of Rehabilitation Rh.D. NSF (to 2003)[14] Doctor of Religious Education D.R.E. NSF (to 1998)[12] Doctor of Sacred Music D.S.M. NSF (to 2003)[14] Doctor of Sacred Theology S.T.D. NSF[18] Removed from NSF list from1999, restored in 2004[13][15] Doctor of Science D.Sc./Sc.D. NSF[18] Doctor of Science and Hygiene D.Sc.H. NSF (to 2003)[14] Doctor of Science in Dentistry D.Sc.D. NSF (to 2003)[14] Doctor of Science in Veterinary Medicine D.Sc.V.M. NSF (to 2003)[14] Doctor of Science of Law L.Sc.D. NSF (to 2003)[14] Doctor of Social Science D.S.Sc. NSF (to 2003)[14] Doctor of Social Work D.S.W. NSF (to 2005)[9] Doctor of Theology

Audiology Doctor of Audiology Au.D. 1996 MA/MS post-WWII Behavioral Health Doctor of Behavioral Health D.B.H. 2010 Chiropractor Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine D.C. 1927 Computer Science Doctor of Computer Science D.C.Sc. 1965 (first Ph.D. in computer science, not first D.C.Sc)[23] Counseling Doctor of Professional Studies/Counseling D.P.S. 1972 Dentistry Doctor of Dental Surgery Doctor of Medical Dentistry D.D.S. D.M.D. 1841[24] 1869[25] See M.D. degree Health Administration Doctor of Health Administration D.H.A. 1990's Health Science Doctor of Health Science D.H.Sc. D.H.S. 1914 (see DPH) Law Juris Doctor Doctor of Jurisprudence J.D. D.Jur. 1902[26] "Graduate of Laws" 1792; LL.B (Bachelor of Laws) 1840[27] Management Doctor of Management D.M. D.Mgt 1995 Medicine Doctor of Medicine M.D. 1770[28] M.B. (Bachelor of Medicine) 1769[29] Ministry (clergy) Doctor of Ministry Doctor of Practical Theology Doctor of Biblical Studies Doctor of Counseling Doctor of Educational Ministry D.Min. D.P.Th. D.B.S. DCOUN. DEDMIN Music Doctor of Church Music Doctor of Pastoral Music Doctor of Sacred Music Doctor of Worship Studies D.C.M. D.P.M. D.S.M. D.W.S. Naturopathy Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine N.D. or N.M.D >1901 see Naturopathy See D.O. degree Nursing Doctor of Nursing Practice Doctor of Nurse Anesthesia Practice D.N.P. D.N.A.P. 2005 Occupational Therapy Doctor of Occupational Therapy D.O.T. 2014 Optometry Doctor of Optometry O.D. 1889[30] See M.D. degree Osteopathic Medicine Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine D.O. 1892 See M.D. degree Pharmacy Doctor of Pharmacy Pharm.D 1950 (program established)[31] "Graduate of Pharmacy" 1826; B.S. in Pharmacy (Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy) 1938[32] Physical Therapy Doctor of Physical Therapy D.P.T. 1992 Podiatry Doctor of Podiatric Medicine D.P.M. 1915 D.S.C. (Doctor of Surgical Chiropody) 1912;[33] See M.D. degree Psychology Doctor of Psychology D.Psy/Psy.D >1973 Social Worker Doctor of Social Work D.S.W. Speech-Language Pathology Doctor of Speech-Language Pathology D.S.L.P. Veterinary medicine

Dr. Borris Swenekaf

Dr. Swenekaf is a former law student with a doctoral degree in criminal justice.

His Website, The American Institute of Knowledge

Sérgéy Soyuznerushimyrespubliksvobodnykh

A Russian/Croatian writer of an economics publication for the Institute, that focuses on the status and logistics of the international economy.

Tanisha Scmoochywallace

Tanisha has 2 Doctoral degrees in both lesbian dance theory and women’s studies. She is currently a janitor at Hempstead high school. Tanisha has written many wonderful papers over the years about the effect of society on women.

Mr. Dr. Sir Professor Blaisican vienershintzle, MD PhD.

Mr. Dr. Sir professor Vienershintzle has spent many years gaining his degree in homosexual terminology. He currently resells items on eBay for a living and double the profit.

Murray R. Freedman

A taxation expert well known for his various libertarian articles published on Reddit.


Ambassador Sôkëtoff was formally the ambassador to Serbia, his efforts led to the ending of the Serbian health care system, 96% of all hospital and health facilities, and the ending of clean pumping water. However there was great reasoning behind this, the extra money was used to build more than 90 adidas factories earning him the Slavic knightship. The poor Serbian conditions allowed him to become an expert on bisexual transgender studies, a field that a vast 7% Of people have heard of.

Dr. Sanjay Ferris, PhD

Dr. Ferris served as a direct assistant to Dr. Weihman during the first ever transplantation of stem cells. He is regarded as a respectable and trustworthy individuals and has never botched a surgery. He is a firm believer in suppository pills and medicinal marijuana.

Krystal Bonquisha

A former student and teacher with a degree in lesbian dance theory. Krystal also works a side job as an editor for cosmopolitan.com and is a vocal activist for LGBTQAAIIQHJFIFOIQUEUJFNFJJ78284JJSHN+ rights.

Justicesta Tistics, PhD.

Justicesta Tistics, PhD. Former law student with a degree in civil law. Founder of the Bureau of Justicesta Tistics which collects and records information concerning the justice system in an extensive online database.

Father Rabbi nekiezaldelkk

Ordained as both a Priest and a Rabbi. PhD in forbidden sales tactics and black magic, Bachelor degree in playground equipment studies